Standup workstation: who needs it and why?

Standup workstation: who needs it and why?

Standup workstation: what it is and what it is for

Nowadays, work takes up much of one’s day. Many people spend more time in the office than at home. That’s why only quite recently workplaces have started to become more comfortable and to accommodate everybody’s requirements. Not only does an unwelcoming and inhospitable place not put employees at their ease but it also tends to lower their work performance. One of the most important items to be considered when you are in the office is, without a doubt, the furniture. This has to be managed with attention to the tiniest detail and must guarantee maximum comfort for its users. Items of office furniture one cannot do without undoubtedly include desks on which to set up computers and other essential work equipment. Latest generation desks are called standup workstations, whose desk height can be adjusted as required. This type of desk avoids back pain or any other kind of pain caused by sitting for too long. This solution makes it possible to work standing up as the desk can be raised very high to enable effective working without sitting down at all.

Standup workstations: why choose them

The need for a standup workstation comes from the unhappiness of many employees who often complain of health problems or too sedentary a lifestyle. In the long run, sitting many hours at a desk in front of a computer can cause the body much discomfort and so it is important to find a solution. The standup system is extremely intelligent and intuitive and can be used very easily. All one needs to do is adjust the height of the desk using a practical manual system. So, based on individual needs, different heights can be selected and adjusted to fit personal requirements. The desk is also ergonomic and comfortable and ensures optimal performance. Durability is also a fundamental factor when it comes to desks. It has to be robust and solid has it must be able to support the weight of any devices that will be placed on it. Standup desks have just this characteristic: although they are easy to handle and easy to adjust, they also ensure excellent performance in terms of resistance. There are also standup workstations where height is mechanically adjusted through an electronic system. In this case, top height is set by means of buttons that are usually placed on the side of the desk.

How electronic standup workstations work

Our office design furniture includes electronic standup workstations. These are undoubtedly more innovative and avant-garde than manual ones and have a very particular feature that will certainly not go unnoticed. The electronic standup workstations are equipped with a completely new system that makes it possible to create flexible and ergonomic furniture in the workplace. These desks can be used in open spaces but also in closed rooms. Desks can have one or two worktops as required. Even with several worktops, the height of each one can be individually selected using the retractable buttons. In addition, if the workstation has several worktops, these are usually divided by screen separators that can vary depending on the materials and characteristics. Those mostly used are glass screen separators that can either be totally transparent (a solution certainly makes a great impact and is visually more pleasant) or made of sound-absorbing fabrics that guarantee total acoustic and visual privacy between workers. Contact us right away to create your perfect office design and furnish it with our custom furniture!

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