Office Pod: what are they and what are they for?

Office Pod: what are they and what are they for?

Work environments are no longer tied to defined, rigid and structured spaces, indeed today they can be decidedly more harmonious and capable of creating truly precious movement points for an optical effect that must never be underestimated.
Modernity has always linked a great functionality to style and refined and refined design that allows employees to work in an environment that is completely suitable for their own work needs, but not only, even for personal ones.

The offices or work environments of the future, therefore, can be imagined in an increasingly innovative and original way , for example they can be placed in spaces completely different from the spaces used previously, so as to distort the patterns a bit by creating places of work capable of giving freedom and structure to the space itself .
The modern world of work explores new frontiers and seeks to create a greater interaction between the environment and the culture of work through new solutions and original ideas; this is how it becomes capable of presenting completely innovative and revolutionary visions in the design of office furnishings.

Office Pod: what they are and what they are for

A convenient and effective solution in office furnishings, both inside and outside the building, is the Office Pod , a compact structure that looks like a singular union between the old archetype of the telephone booth, the Phone-Booth and the Meeting-Room , meeting and communication place. Thanks to the unique possibility of adapting them both outside and inside the rooms, the Office Pods are perfect when the space available is not large enough and other solutions are needed to make the most of what remains.
These structures are designed to guarantee maximum privacy, they are a discreet place where you can safely enter, discuss, dialogue or do anything else, for example they are perfect for meetings and business gatherings. The internal Office Pods are usually positioned along the walls of the room and of the office or in the central part and may or may not have windows, instead those of an open space or semi-open environment are often placed in the most useful or strategic places for the purposes working; the main objective is always to create the necessary preconditions for effective social interaction.

Each model is different from the other; the configurations and accessories differ according to the necessary use; the capacity varies but can accommodate from one to more people.
From the square shape to the rounded shape with slightly rounded corners, the Office Pods are often composed of glass walls , often alternating with blind walls; the covered areas are covered externally and internally with special materials, capable of isolating the sound creating a perfect room inside the room.
Some structures are equipped with doors that can be hinged or sliding, in addition, the system of structural panels is robust and allows the Office Pods to better adapt to any practical need.

These delimited areas guarantee private, relaxing and stimulating spaces in which to find oneself to chat, but also to work, telephone or otherwise. Precisely because of its main function as a working environment, the Office Pod was also created to guarantee comfort and well-being during all the numerous daily hours, therefore they are places that can increase productivity thanks to the numerous advantages that the structures are able to offer, but also spaces capable of promoting the right balance and where you can relax comfortably.

Office Pod: acoustic and visual insulation

A work environment not only requires privacy, comfort or well-being, but also silence and tranquility , precisely for this reason the sound absorption and visual isolation in the spaces dedicated to work have become a real necessity because ensuring the correct carrying out one’s work duties is absolutely essential.
In a closed environment the acoustic wave reaches the rigid perimeter surfaces hitting them with force and in this way a part of the sound energy released is absorbed, while the other is reflected remaining in the environment for a short time still creating the so-called effect echo that can be annoying.

Materials such as concrete, glass, wood, marble or metal have a limited absorption power therefore echoes and reverberations can be frequent, in this way speaking and listening is more difficult; however the material used for the Office Pods is different, it is in fact sound-absorbing , born from the need to improve the internal sound effect.
The excellent sound absorption is made possible thanks to the thickness of the panels that are used and the fabric that is used to cover the walls; all this, combined with visual isolation, especially when placed in strategic environments and far from crowded areas, allows you to avoid easy distractions.

The advantages of Office Pods

The advantages that these structures are able to ensure are therefore numerous, the Office Pods in fact allow you to carry out your daily work in a simple and effective way, without too many distractions.

During business meetings or any other kind they are able to guarantee maximum peace of mind by increasing socialization and thus facilitating collaboration. The transparency with which these rooms are equipped, thanks to the clear or completely absent windows, is also another important advantage since it favors the clarity of the work done avoiding ambiguity, but without taking anything away from confidentiality. The Office Pods also have a very particular aesthetic capable of creating a pleasant optical effect with a touch of originality and modernity in all office furnishings.

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