Intertecnica is like a haute couture tailor that creates and shapes tailor-made environments by interpreting contemporary requirements by developing a coherent and highly innovative style.

‘The art of everyday use’ is the way in which design objects were defined in the 1960s. To this art, with great passion and energy, Vittorio Cavani – craftsman, entrepreneur, lover of the beautiful, and innovator – has dedicated himself.

It was in those very years that Vittorio Cavani Furnishings was born while active in the office furnishings sector in partnership with other top-class businesses. The company is actually a laboratory in which to experiment, test and market ingenious ideas such as Lombrico, Lombricante and A22.

Spurred on by this, Intertecnica took shape in 1984 with a focus on the production of fitted walls, office furniture, custom-made furnishings and quality solutions for the office. Intertecnica can manage the overall design, advisory services, and the whole furnishing operation, whether on a large and small scale.

From banks to multifunctional spaces, from museums to offices of large corporates and hotels, Intertecnica always keeps alive the spirit of inventiveness and experimentation that has always been the hallmark of its success. Creating cosy, functional and special environments is Intertecnica’s daily mission. A mission that, through the reliability of its people and its products, has, for over forty years, been transformed into tangible, concrete, real results.



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